Announcing the latest arrival in the Urban Composter family: The new Urban Composter City

Following on from our highly successful Urban Composter indoor bokashi compost bin, the new compact Urban Composter City offers a neat bokashi composting solution for smaller homes and apartments.

urban-composter-city-product-300x300Made for use with Urban Composter’s specially formulated Compost Accelerator spray, the Urban Composter City is convenient and easy to use.

There is no handling awkward packets of bokashi bran, which are heavy to carry, bulky to store and easily spilled. Using our Compost Accelerator spray actually makes composting more rewarding and less of a chore!

Kitchen scraps go into the top of the Urban Composter City, by lifting the tight sealing bucket lid.

A couple of sprays of the Compost Accelerator Spray from the convenient trigger-bottle and the fermentation process starts in the bucket.

All organic kitchen scraps can go into the bucket including: vegetable peels, fruit juice pulp and egg shells.

Unlike some Bokashi composting solutions, even protein based scraps like meat and fish can be composted with an even coating of the Compost Accelerator Spray.

The Urban Composter™ City requires very little attention. Every few days excess liquid is drained from the Urban Composter City using the in-built tap.

The liquid from the Urban Composter City is a nutrient rich liquid fertiliser that will improve the yields of almost any garden; simply dilute the excess liquid with water.

A full bucket is left to ferment for an additional 4 weeks before digging the leftover pulp into a pot or garden bed to breakdown completely.

The new Urban Composter City comes in your choice of four lid colours: Lime (Green), Chili (Red), Berry (Purple) and Black.  While the original Urban Composter bucket has a capacity of 15 litres, the Urban Composter City holds a very respectable 6 litres of kitchen scraps.

The new Urban Composter City will be available for sale this coming March 2014.


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