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  • All Urban Composter products 100% Australian made

    The Urban Composter, the compact City Composter and the compost accelerator are all 100% Australian made.  Unlike most companies who have shifted manufacture to the Far East, Urban Composter did the opposite in 2016 and had the tooling sent to Sydney, Australia where the Urban Composter products are now manufactured.

  • Turning Festive Season food scraps into nutrient rich fertiliser

    Urban Composter

    The Festive Season is about great food and celebrating with family and friends. The time of year often anticipated, as it’s when family and friends get together and enjoy one another’s company. The Festive Season usually means one thing, an opportunity to totally indulge and feast on the delicious foods offered at the dining table. Making […]

  • Blog article on the Urban Composter

    Postcards to France: Blog

    Cindy has written about her experiences with our Urban Composter on her blog – Postcards to France. Click on Composting, (her post title) to read her post.