Urban Composter™ Bucket

Urban ComposterThe Urban Composter™ is the cleanest and easiest way to create bokashi compost from your kitchen waste.

For years people have been searching for a simple and convenient solution for bokashi composting in the kitchen.

The Urban Composter™ isn’t just a scrap bin.  it is a revolutionary compost container that starts the bokashi composting process right in your kitchen without attracting any creepy-crawlys or emitting bad odours.

Instead of an unsightly plastic scrap bin, the Urban Composter™ is a stylish alternative.

Turn your kitchen scraps into bokashi compost

Don’t flush your organic scraps, vegetable peels and leftovers down the drain.  Just put them in the Urban Composter Bucket and give them a spray with Compost Accelerator.  Simple.

The Urban Composter goes to work and turns all those unwanted peels, off-cuts and leftovers into nutrient-rich liquid fertiliser for your garden beds.

“When my son Luke and I first started researching a solution we immediately saw the benefits of Bokashi composting. It was clean and fermented scraps quickly, without the strong odour of traditional oxygen based composting systems. The thing I struggled with, was the granual mixture you had to add. I found it hard to handle, easy to spill and it attracted vermin.

Urban Composter is a stylish indoor compost bin


Because so many of us live in apartments or houses with small backyards, we wanted to find a method that was easy to use indoors. We replaced the granule mix with an easy to use composting spray that uses microorganisms to break down food waste. We made the Urban Composter™ a slick contemporary design rather than an ugly bucket so that anyone would be happy to have an Urban Composter™ on view in their kitchen.

The Urban Composter’s secret is bokashi spray

To use this simple product, just lift the lid and add your scraps (even meat or fish) to the Urban Composter™. Give your scraps a spray of Compost Accelerator and the fermenting process begins. In just a few days you can drain off your home-made 100% organic fertilizer from the tap. Dilute the liquid, add to your plants and watch your garden grow.


When the bucket is full, simply drain any remaining liquid and dig the food residue into some soil and leave it to settle for 5-7 weeks. The compost will then be ready to spread on the garden, top dress your lawn or add to your plant pots for great results.


The Urban Composter has a large 15 Litre Capacity

The Urban Composter™ is clean, and eco-friendly with a large 15 litre capacity. Each bucket comes in light grey , with a choice of lid colours, to match your decor.

The thing I love about the Urban Composter™ is that it is attractive enough to have on show in your kitchen or utility room, encouraging and reminding you to keep composting . The anaerobic composting process means that food you put into the bucket doesn’t give off a foul-smelling odour  The solid seal on the bucket ensures a tight fit, so no smells, spills or flies.

I leave my bucket in a convenient location in the kitchen, but it could equally find a place in another easy-to-reach place like the laundry, garage or a balcony.  What you end up with is simply rich and nutritious soil conditioner – straight from The Urban Composter™ – just the way mother nature intended it!”

Urban Composter

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Convenient ordering and delivery

paypal_logoYou can buy extra buckets, lids or accelerator spray right here on the Urban Composter™ website. We will expedite your order and you’ll have your new products in just a few days. Our website processes payments by credit card, and bank account using Paypal – one of the most convenient and safe ways to shop online.


Free Shipping Offer in the UK

Once we receive your order, we ship immediately so you’ll be composting with the Urban Composter™ almost immediately. If you order more than £85 we will waive your shipping costs completely!


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If you order two Urban Composter™ Starter Kits using your credit card (that’s two for you, or one for you and one for your friend) we’ll give you an extra bottle of Accelerator Spray absolutely free!.