Outdoor Composting is better with the Urban Composter

outdoor-compost-binAre you using a standard outdoor compost bin? Your composting will be more efficient if you use your outdoor compost bin with an Urban Composter!

Standard outdoor compost bins (hot composting) works using Aerobic microbes who consume green and brown waste with oxygen. Hot composting processes take between 6 and 12 months to breakdown and requires you to carefully balance the mix of waste.

The hot temperatures and oxygen based aerobic composting method means carbon dioxide and methane gas are released. These gasses contribute to global warming and be harmful to the atmosphere, to to mention the foul smells associated with it. What you may not realise is that many of the good nutrients that your garden will love are burned-up in the process.

By using the Urban Composter first to ferment your scraps you will rapidly improve your composting ecosystem. The Urban Composter saturates the scraps in a carefully formulated culture of anaerobic micro-organisms. These microbes don’t use oxygen and breakdown kitchen waste efficiently and quickly.

No harmful greenhouse gas emissions

Harmful greenhouse gasses are not released and there is no rotting smell. When you transfer these scraps to your outdoor bin, you will get nutrient rich soil in just a few months instead of having to wait a whole year… plus you won’t have to keep turning it!

Compost more household waste than other compost systems

The other often overlooked feature of the Urban Composter is its ability to compost all food waste types including meat. Meat is a no-no in most composting processes. For many households this means you can double how much organic waste you are recycling, leaving less to go to the landfill.

Urban ComposterSpray with Compost Accelerator for best results

So for the best composting experience, keep adding your scraps to the Urban Composter and remember to spray the accelerator each time. Drain the juice as you go and use it to fertilise your plants. Simply dilute this liquid (1:100) with water.

Empty the Urban Composter bucket into your compost bin when it’s full, adding a small amount of brown waste (like falling Autumn leaves) or soil to the mix when you do this. This will enhance the composting process and ensure that pests are minimised. Then seal the lid.

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